Teachers’ guide
    The DIMEANE e-compendiums are an exciting and innovative series of digital learning resources developed by an international team of experts. The topics cover respiratory physiology, neurophysiology, cardiovascular and renal physiology. They provide an excellent foundation for diploma and degree level Biology, Physiology and Healthcare courses. The nursing e-compendiums cover nursing with a focus on skin and wound care, nursing with a focus on nutrition, temperature regulation and cardiovascular diseases.
    The DIMEANE e-compendiums have interactive elements such as videos, images, podcasts and quizzes, which we know from our evaluations engage students and help them to understand difficult concepts. They also allow students to work through them at their own pace, and they can easily go back over sections they don’t understand to reinforce their learning. Students particularly value this control they have over their learning.
    The DIMEANE e-compendiums are stand-alone course materials but their integration into your course as complementary material could also enhance your course. Student evaluations of all the DIMEANE e-compendiums have shown they are used and valued when integrated in this way and we have found adding them to your virtual learning environment (such as Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas) enables the students to access them easily.
    You will get the best out of the e-Compendiums if you tell the students how they should use them and at which points in the course. For example, you might recommend using them as self-study materials at the start of a lecture series or show some of the activities from the e-compendiums in your lecturers. Students will also be able to use them for revision before an exam or assignment.
    The DIMEANE e-compendiums can be viewed online in a web browser of the students choice. They can also download the app version if they would prefer, which can be used offline. Students do not need to download anything else to be able to use the e-compendiums, they are self contained resources which can just as easily be viewed on a pc as a mobile phone or tablet device.
    The e-compendiums have been translated and re-developed by experts in the fields of biological sciences and nursing. They have been peer reviewed and positively evaluated by students in three different countries in Europe to ensure they are suitable learning materials for students. The authors of each e-compendium can be found under the credits section at the end of each one.
    However, nursing practice and guidelines do vary in different countries and can change over time, so you need to check that the materials represent practices in your own context and country. If you discover any information that is inaccurate or out of date, please contact NettOp at the University of Stavanger (nettop@uis.no) and we will update this as soon as possible.
    The e-compendiums are free to use as their development was funded by an EU grant. A lot of work has gone into ensuring the content is appropriate and they are pedagogically designed.
    All content featured on www.erasmus-nursing.net, including the online solution and mobile app in which the content is published, is owned by the partners in the DIMEANE project and is protected by laws of copyright. According to the ERASMUS+ Programme Guide, Version 3 (2015) the content of and solution for www.erasmus-nursing.net is available for use by the general public under an open licence, with conditions and limitations in compliance with Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.