Students’ guide
    These “e-compendiums” are online interactive revision and study tools, comprising of short texts written by professors or specialists in the field summarising different topics of study: here for nursing education at undergraduate level. The interactive elements include games, tasks or quizzes for quick and easy learning or memory retention. Each compendium is richly illustrated and also recorded as sound for ease of use. You can download the podcast to your phone or play as you read from the web. The compendiums are also available as an app for your phone or tablet, meaning that the majority of the content is also available offline should you need it.
  • Read online in a browser of your choice.
  • Download the app to use offline, (some features like film streaming will require wifi connection)
  • Download the podcast from the link online and use offline on the go wherever and however you please (redistribution is a breach of copyright, see copyright information these compendiums are intended for personal use only)
    You can quote content from the e-compendiums in your work correctly by using either of the following systems:


    Reference the e-compendiums as a website with an author thus:
    Welch, N. (2000, February 21).Toward an understanding of the determinants of rural health.Retrieved from


    Reference the e-compendiums as a website. Using citations in text: [1], [2], etc and written in the reference list thus:
    Author, “Title” (Online). Available: URL (Accessed date).
    In the compendiums, you will find author information on a page at the end of each compendium titled “Information” and should be written for example like this:
    [1] B. Foss 2011, (Rev. J. Hustad 2011, H.Wharrad 2016) “Anatomy and physiology of the heart” [Online]. Available: [20.10.17]
    The e-compendiums will work well in any browser on a pc connected to the internet.
    You can download the app to a device of your choice, select the content you want and then be able to use the e-compendiums offline.
    No additional requirements are needed to be able to use the compendiums.
    These tools are development work from an Erasmus collaboration project between the University of Stavanger, University of Nottingham and Catholic University of Valencia. Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire at the end of each compendium to let us know what you think, or to tell us if anything is missing or incorrect.
    If you experience technical difficulties, we would like to know. Contact NettOp at the University of Stavanger by email: